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We have been paying for our furniture since November and we still have not received our foot board me and my fiancé currently have our bed on the floor and its very frustrating and then I feel like they should have took the rest of the bed frame with them if they could not put everything up

Location: 9110 West Broad Street, Henrico, VA 23294

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I agree with all the reviews written here. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB in NJ, and dispute the charges on my credit card.

I am receiving my furniture in dribs and drabs. Had one piece in the house... it broke after 2 weeks. Another piece delivered without the electrical component (an led headboard), delivered without the plug!

Told it will take 6 - 9 weeks for a replacement plug to arrive. Can't use it, yet I'm still paying for it. The salesperson and store manager Steve, are useless. The one time I spoke to Steve, he promised "dedicated follow-up" that was 2 weeks ago.

No call back. Now he is ducking my calls. It is so obvious. Called and asked for a regional manager or district manager.

Given an incorrect number. Called back, the number was corrected, only to find out that it was the store's office number where Steve is the manager. When I asked the customer service rep Lauren, who I spoke to when I initially asked for the regional number, she said... ""oh, we don't have a regional manager", well lady, why did you lie and give me a number for the "regional office" that turned out to be your own store number.

So tired of these people and their games. Left another message for Store Manager Steve, THE LIAR.

Will see if he calls back. In the meantime I will call the corporate office, and make a complaint to the BBB.

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