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****VCF is horrible**** Do NOT purchase anything from this store.

Within the past 3 years, we have purchased an entire bedroom set from VCF. The "wood" is not wood, it is cheap sub-par particle board that will dent and show every mark from anything that has ever touched. AND VCF will not come fix it even though it is a manufacturer's defect in material.

But most recently, we had put a drawer-chest on layaway---it was then backordered. VCF finally called us to say it was in and ready, but when got there (45 minute drive), low and behold, it was not there. So they gave us $80 cash for our trouble.

We finally went back when it was really in this time and they loaded it in our truck and when we got home--- what was loaded as the bottom of the box, was really the top and BIG SHOCK, there was a dent in the box.

We opened the box and there was a HUGE crack in the backing of the chest (and the screws were not even screwed in to attach the back to the chest) AND there was a huge dent and crack on the top of the chest right where the dent in the box was.

The ***. Manager refused to send us a new one free of charge and take back the old one. He stated we could drive all the way back to the store and drop it off.

They would order us a new one, but again we would have to make ANOTHER trip to the store. We have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will be contacting VCF's corporate office.

So $800 later, we have an incomplete bedroom set, a broken drawer-chest, and an empty tank of gas. Save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere!!!!!!!

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Hmmm, more VC employees with time on their hands.


I cant help but feel a little bit amused. If you buy cheap quality things then you get what you pay for!

If you want things that will last a long time spend the money to get a bedroom set made with real wood!! Of course that partical board stuff wont last! And if you had paid for delivery then any damaged merchandise would have been the stores responsibility not yours.

If people decide not to spend the extra money then you get what you pay for. I dont feel sorry for you

Caballo, New Mexico, United States #26917

Great answer "You're Dense". I shop at VCF and they have great furniture at incredible prices...

as long as you buy their brand and not the cheap stuff that looks like it was made out of paper mache. The good stuff doesn't cost that much more and really is made well. As far as the damages, spend a little more and have them deliver it bozo.

Then if there's a problem they're responsible, not you. Stop being a cheapskate and then crying to the world when you have problems.

Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain #26145

Lemme guess? 800 dollar bedroom set?

brisbane right?

the cheapest bedroom they carry?

and the chest?

i'm gonna say you probably got the 59 dollar special?

what did you think was going to happen?

you get what you pay for.

if you want furniture that will last a lifetime,

spend the extra dollar and buy american signature brand merch. value city offers a lifetime warranty on any american signature merchandise, and the best part?

they'll send a service tech to youtr home and fix any problems, even if they happen 2,3,4,... 6,7,8 years down the road.

educate yourself before you go spounting about how your cheap *** broke.

you want great furniture? spend the extra coin.

to You're dense #868570

Whatever, weather it's the cheapest item or not the furniture should be given to you in perfect condition. They are a horrible company!

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