I have purchased several pieces from Value City Furniture in the past.I had a couple problems with a few but they were quick to rectify it.

This last trip to the showroom only made me change my mind in purchasing there now. All I wanted this time was one simle accent chair. Its under $100. Yet, they charge a delivery fee of $100 as well.

What??? Thats absurd. It only told me one thing: I will never buy from them again.

If they want to bring in new customers and keep the old, then get rid of the delivery charge.I will definitely go elsewhere where they dont charge a fee.


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Rick from PASADENA, Md.

I purchased over $3000 soda set a week before Christmas with a special they were having.NO TAX ON THE PURCHASE.

Today I was going over my receipt n looking over my insurance plan I purchased. They did subtract the tax from the purchase then added back in else where on the receipt.



No delivery fee??? You're a moron!!!


Dude there's always a delivery fee. Welcome to business 101. Nothings free you pay for it in the product or an actual fee.


How much more is the item? There is alway a charge but it could be hidden in the price of the goods. No truck or driver work for free.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #697093

It's ridiculous.I'm about to spend more than $2000 There are tons of furniture stores.

I would rather to give my pennies to other stores where treat customer better that here.:(

Hubbard, Ohio, United States #649461

I was always thought that Value city had their own delivery drivers but come to find out that they have contracted it out to a company that I would not give you two cents fro.We bought a very expensive bed fro VCF and we live in a mobile home and when they delivered the set to us they gave us so much hassles about bringing it into our mobile home when all they had to do was back their truck up to the back door and take it right into the back door and right into he bedroom it was going into.

Now VCF did make it right with us but I believe they would do better if the would bring back their own delivery and not contract it out.

After they brought it into our trailer they refused to put it together they said the room it was going into was very dirty which it was NOT they were just very upset because they had to come back a second time they were 2 young kids that did not want to make any effort at all to do any work to bring it into the trailer but VCF did send out a guy to put it together and they refused to take the old set away so they was 2 trips they ay have avoided if they had their own delivery guys and not contract it out as VCF sent one of their guys out to pick u the old set.Now VCF is suppose to be refunding our delivery charge but I don't see how this is cost effective to contract out if you end up sending extra man power out for a job that should of been done the first time around.

Stamford, Connecticut, United States #641031

Wow.These people need to find a better outlet for their imagined frustration.

Get a hobby. Nearly every retailer charges a delivery fee and if they claim there is none it is usually added to the cost of the item. They clearly do not realize how expensive it is to make deliveries. The truck and del team need have to have property and liability insurance to cover any possible damages.

They also need to be certified and registered with the DOT.

If I'm not mistaken gas has gone up considerably and the drivers need to get paid as well.Not to mention maintenance fees.


Stop the insane delivery fees. I am about to buy a 900.00 dining set. After reading this I think I will go elsewhere.


I also recently just purchase a sofa for my living room.I was shock I was being charge 89.99 for it just being deliver just 5 miles down the road...

like seriously, it only takes 5-10 minutes (depending on the time of day) to get to my place.

I wish I know someone that had a truck and the time of day to pick it up.My father saw the price and was seriously pissed off.

to APink #1410512

Delivery trucks aren't free you idiot!!!

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