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We purchased a day bed and the after a year the railing on the bed broke, I purchase a warranty when I orginally purchased the bed. It took a month to get a service person to come out and look at the bed, I waited two days for a call back and I finally had to call the store, I asked for a saturday because I work and a time frame, I was told I was lucky I got a Saturday and they could not give me a time frame, when I asked to speak to a store manager I was told she does not talk to customers, I asked when she would be in the stor I was told they do not have a schedule for her, I then asked for a regional office and was told there was no number that I had to just deal with the store.

I asked who did would they call if the store was on fire and had to report it to somoeone and they told me know one.

I know have to wait three months for my bed to be fixed, do not waste your time or money. They are great when you are buying furniture, but when you need service you are out of luck.

Monetary Loss: $735.

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i bought my daughters bedroom set here with insurance on everything the dresser paint lifted up after my daughters piggie bank sat there for a day ..when i called in they came in a week after which it was fine but did a horrible job on the dresser it was better how it was before ..this store has ver beautiful furniture but when something goes wrong they stick their heads up their ***...not mentioning i bought my daughter a $500 mattress and they brought me a $50 mattress...

Belcamp, Maryland, United States #837368

I have purchased furniture from Value City for 20 years and I am getting ready to buy all new living room furniture again from Value City Whitemarsh. They have great furniture at a great price.

My last living room set was all white fabric and I couldn't believe how well it held up for over 10 years when I gave it to a family member. The warranties are provided by a completely different company---currently called Uniters---not by Value City. You call the number given on your warranty documentation----not the store.

The warranty servicemen are not located in Value City stores nor can they be reached using the store phone numbers. So I don't understand how or why this conversation occurred.

Parkville, Maryland, United States #690449

I completely agree. Value city has the worst customer service.

My wife and I bought a couch and were given a pick up day. Went to pick it up and it was never shipped. We received no call to inform us and all we got was a blank look from the employee. Also we were told to come back in a couple days and it might be there.

It has been almost three weeks since the original pick up day and we still have no couch. Word to the wise, don't give that hole in the wall your money


Value City is the worst store I have ever dealt with. I bought $1800 worth of merchandise with them and not only did their delivery people bring me the wrong merchandise (they brought me the wrong bed frame), they didn't inform me of this when they dropped it off but they tried to return to my house with out me being there at a later date and did not try to schedule an appointment.

When my husband and I returned to the store to try and settle this issue the lady at the counter had the audacity to not only be unapologetic that they had sent the wrong furniture to my house but was also accused us of being unwilling to receive the product because I was not there for their unscheduled visit. To make matters worse one of their sales associates lied to my husband and I and told us that they had a mattress buy back policy meaning if we didn't like the mattress within a certain amount of time they would take it back at about $300 of cost to us.

When I needed to return the mattress the woman on the phone was rude to me before I even asked her anything then she continued to tell me that there was no buy back policy. Do not do business with Value City you will not receive the products you purchase and you will be treated terribly by what could loosely be defined as "customer service".


Hi- I work for Value City Furniture and would like to help. Please contact me at

I'd like you to know that we do care about our customers and are dedicated to their needs. Contact me when you get a chance.

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