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well 2 months ago i buy furniture from then, and they said they will delivery en 20 day, so before that i donated my old ones like 5 day before the delivery date,well they call and cancel because they don't have every thing i order, so i will take an extra 10 day i said ok! but right before the new date they cancel again, and i said ok .

this happen 2 more time after that day so i went there and spoked whit customer service and they said sorry bla bla bla come back tonight and will give you a new ones similar that you like it, so i went back later on with my wife and they said they don't have nothing for me so i waste my time again whit this people, so i said just give me the money and i never will buy any thing from this guys. thank you !

Monetary Loss: $1280.

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sorry i think is to late know i got my new furniture in my house, i dont think is nothing you can do for the 2 months waiting time that you guy make me waste...

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