I bought furniture from Value city furniture 1 year and 4 months ago. they have already come out once before my warranty expired and tried to fix it, not very well i might add, but now the couch has a tear from front to back underneath the cushion.

they wont do anything about it. I dont think the couch has a model # but I have bought plenty of couches and I never had a couch fall apart so quickly. I know the couch is a popular model its an "L" shape olive green, with suede type material, very soft with cusions that aren't attached.. Ooh thats another problem the back cushions loose there shape VERY quickly.

My advice is DONT BUY furniture from there. They dont want to have anything to do with you after your warranty is up!!!

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Same problem with value city which some

of their furniture is quality. We are now

fighting on our extended warranty still no

response from Ohio or Local Illinois store.

Extended warranty was fix or replace but

still no replace??????????

You should get what you pay for but I am

still waiting!


Same thing happened to my mom she bought a lovely sofa set and not to long afterward the thing was falling apart. Value City should never sell furniture...should have stuck to clothes


Wow those are some harsh words to Sue, Anonymous. I had a couch set for 15 years and never had to add filler or actively reshape the cushions or even switch them around.

Natural wear and tear should not make the furniture look like an elephant sat on it. The quality of any furniture today is ***.

The quality is not there and everything is so expensive. You are a very mean person


Quit being such a pushy busy body. You could be nicer.

The person was stating a fact what are you stating? That you do housework?

LOL!! Probably not!


I agree 100%. It is VERY cheaply made but not cheap in price.

The very same thing happened to me. I bought 2 large sofa sets from there.


Well, duh! Why should they waste their time and money for a non-warranteed item? Furniture from discount stores are as different as shopping for clothes at Macy's or Kmart...the quality was not meant to last. Wear and tear is the natural order of furniture and will occur more quickly and more frequently with discount furniture or furniture that is used more often.

Your options are to either try to fix the rip on your own, hire someone to fix it for you, or ignore it if it cannot be seen and does not interfere with being able to sit.

The solution with the back cushions is to actively reshape them yourself more often, switch them around, and add your own filler as the old filler flattens.

We bought a lovely sofa from Lazy Boy and we have the exact same problems, only ours occurred later than yours. Our rip is hidden and I fix the cushions daily. It's a part of housekeeping.

Stop blaming the store and take responsibility for your own property, you whiner.

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