We are at the point of getting a lawyer involved. We ordered a couch, tv stand, and kitchen table in November of 2020.

It was supposed to be delivered on Friday. We received no call, text, email or anything saying it would be delayed. We waited around all day and they never showed. I then called and was on the phone for almost an hour and half.

After speaking to a normal customer service rep, someone who said they were a supervisor told me they had no idea when any of it would come in. Then out of no where after putting me on hold for 20 minutes she said she found the couch. Being upset that no one actually cared to help and not knowing when wed get out products we paid for in November we cancelled the tv stand and kitchen table. We cant cancel the couch because its custom (we picked the color) and well get charged.

The supervisor guaranteed me it would arrive on Wednesday. Its now delayed again. I just called in and after another hour on the phone this guy just transfers me after he said he would contact the warehouse. Instead he just transferred me to the store that is currently closed.

This is insane. Your company has been holding our money for almost 6 months and refusing to deliver our couch that your employees guaranteed multiple times would be here and that they had hands on. They keep saying covid. Yet we went to another store and had the kitchen table delivered in 5 days.

I now know its your store. Im pretty sure its illegal for me to pay you and you refuse to deliver my products. No one wants to help they just want to push me to someone else, or tell

Me what i want to hear so they can get off the phone. This is the worst customer service ive ever had.

I am calling a lawyer in the morning to see what we can do. If my couch gets delayed again i am filing a police report and calling my bank to report the theft and fraud against our credit card.

Location: Sunbury, Ohio

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