Hello, I purchased a three piece sectional from you guys a little under a year ago. Unfortunately the one cushion ripped at the seam.

I used the warranty service and they came out and stitched the seam back together. It however ripped again two days later. I called the store in hopes to get a replacement cushion, they told me they cannot replace it only have someone come back out and try to stitch it again. This to me is unacceptable.

I spent money on this as well as the warranty for this very reason, not to have someone keep coming repeatedly to stitch it back up. I asked what if it keeps ripping? I was told that they would just keep having the person come back out and stitch it again and again.

This is super unprofessional and I would hope that your company does not *** this type of resolution. I would be pleased with a replacement cushion, if that is not an option I am open to other suggestions besides repeatedly having someone come back to my home to stitch it over and over again.

User's recommendation: Don’t waste money on the warrenty.

Location: Monroeville, Pennsylvania

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