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First, let me start off by adding that we owned a leather couch for almost 8 years prior to this new purchase. We decided to upgrade to a recliner sectional with chaise and went to both Art Van and Value City.

After reviewing both sectionals, we decided to go with Value City because the couch SEEMED to be of same quality, but at a SLIGHTLY better price. The sales man said the sectional was an excellent selection, great material, and a popular seller. We declined the warrenty after many questions because we were lead to believe that the leather was a sturdy material and any problems, "IF ANY", would be structural wear and tear. Well, fast forward to almost 3 years later, and the structure has fallen apart in one seat, the stitching is coming apart on the V connecting seat, and the leather is almost completely gone on the lower back of one seat.

I even bought the *** furniture cleaner, which did nothing to preserve the leather. This place is a sham. They sell nice looking furniture....but most of it is POOR quality. They urge you to get their warrenty, but it doesn't matter anyway, because trying to get them to replace of fix anything is a JOKE!

I bought a bed from them a while ago and it came defective. The guys couldn't even install it and had to come back, but that is a whole other story.

The sad part is I have a friend who worked in the Westland, MI store and she told me to stay away. Moral of this story...You get what you pay for (cheap), and with Value City Furniture you may not even get that!

Monetary Loss: $2799.

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I bought a 3 piece set from American Signature Furniture (Value city Furniture) and they pressured me into getting the protection plan or else I won’t get shipping. They said and gave me papers that say it covers all of the furniture from any accidental scratches, rips, stains and even peeling for 5 years.

A year later one of the sofa chairs separated at the sewed area (seam separation) which is basically a factory deficit, not even a cut made by me which they should cover as well. So I contacted the warranty company (Pure Promise). THEY ARE THE WORST. They took an hour and 45 minutes to answer and after hours of arguments they still said that nothing is covered and started playing around with words and saying that cuts are covered but seam separations are not.

I asked for a manager at least 4 times but they never connect me they just hang up and this is no joke and it’s illegal. I also have recordings of all this and the representatives mentioning that I am not covered against any rips. I asked her what was covered and she said she can’t discuss that with me, this is the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with. This isn’t just one phone call it is at least 7 phone calls where they say the same thing and 2 of the representatives hung up on, I also have all of this recorded.

I never got a single chance to speak to a manager because whenever I ask for one they just hang up the call. Once I mention my case number every time I called, they would hang up and treat me terribly. That’s also me waiting and hour and a half everytime I call. THEY ARE LIARS and their furniture is terrible quality since this wasn’t even a cut, it’s a seam separation which should be even more concerning.

Value City won’t cover it either and they tell me to call the warranty and the warranty tells me to call value city (American Signature Furniture). I’m feeling ripped off here because I bought this warranty for a reason and now all of the sudden both companies are not liable and they don’t want to solve this for me, not to mention all the scratches on the leather that they didn’t cover as well and their excuse was that they only cover scratches on hard surfaces like the wood which doesn’t even show at all. Save your self their horrible treatment and buy from anywhere else, hundreds of places out there offer realible warranty and good customer service. I am beyond disappointed right now for all the money that I spent.

I need to speak with someone in charge about this so I can mention all the other things that they told me on the phone that are too disgusting to type on here. This is a rip off and it is under no circumstances an acceptable customer service. This is stealing and ripping off customers. I am not the only one with this issue.

They have a one star rating that many people would have gave them zero if they had the ability to.

This isn’t just my story as a pissed off customer, it is hundreds of reviews out there that have dealt with the same issue. I demand action.


Reading this article only upsets me more because I have purchased a black leather sofa and double seat chair now 4years later after being told by the sales man that this quality was durable and doesn’t loose its shape I have experienced PEELING ON THE OTTOMAN AND SOFA SEATS pist off value city Furniture store should be a shame to have their names attached to such disaster

Delta, Ohio, United States #1201461

I did buy the extended warranty and of course needed repairs on the wood under the cushion of the couch and the mechanism on the footstool went out. It took them 4 months to get the part !!!

By that time the warranty had expired. They did replace the mechanism but I swear on all I know to be holy that I will NEVER buy anything from them again.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1197480

Who was the manufacturer?

Spring, Texas, United States #992678

Same thing happened to me, but different company, a very well known company that does great philanthropical things in this town. I specifically asked if this leather furniture was 100% real leather.

I was told by the salesman, YES. A couple of years later it's obvious it's bonded (never heard that term til now, thanks) and also I looked at the skirt of the sofa, definitely bonded.

My fault for not checking it out for myself, in the store, before dropping big $$ on sofa/loveseat. I've learned my lesson!

Rockville Centre, New York, United States #958236

I hate to this person, but whatever material the sofa is made of, it was definitely NOT genuine leather. Pleather maybe, but not real leather.

Leather doesn't "wear off".

Leather will over time dry out if not properly cared for, and then "crack"...but it doesn't wear away.

Three years of daily wear and tear of a "inexpensive" leather-like sofa seems reasonable.

Consumers really need to educate themselves before spending hard earned money to know what they are actually "buying" and what the warranty covers...typically only one year.

Urbana, Illinois, United States #950215

Is anything being done about this? I have the same couch and it is peeling everywhere.

And to the people mentioning buying cheap or damaging furniture, there are plenty of bonded leather materials being manufactured that do not peel like this, this one is clearly a defect. And this is not damage, the couch literally peels in areas that aren't even touched.

to Anonymous Birmingham, Alabama, United States #951540

Try to find a leather repair kit and have a go at it yourself. Look on youtube for videos showing how to do it.

to lee Royal Oak, Michigan, United States #951588

Kits won't work, it's not even bonded leather

to Anonymous Royal Oak, Michigan, United States #951587

Sorry, but nothing has been done. The only thing they offered was to help pick out another couch, but not as an exchange.

I wouldn't even trust them to resolve this mistake seeing as though I was lied to about this couch being 100% genuine leather in the first place. I would have never purchased that couch if I had been told the truth! Especially when I specifically asked about genuine leather.

Furthermore, I had a company out to try to reupholster the couch and found that it was not even bonded leather! It is all synthetic fabric!

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #935289

I am going to guess that everyone who is upset, bought the BONDED LEATHER furniture. If you want quality LEATHER furniture, bonded leather is not it.

I always stick to fabric, unless I can afford the thousands of dollars and can go to a top quality furniture store for real top quality leather.

If any of you have books bound in bonded leather, like a Bible, or something, and you read and handle it a lot, see how the leather begins to rub off, much like these pictures of this low quality furniture.

The leather is a very thin sheet of leather placed over some fabric, and "bonded" to it.

Remember that the next time you go furniture shopping and fall in love with some gorgeous leather sofa.

to carole Royal Oak, Michigan, United States #951585

You are totally right, but one of the problems was that I was told by the sales person that this couch was 100% genuine leather (Not bonded leather). Also, I paid close to $4,000.00 for this couch, so it was not "cheap". It was just a little cheaper than the supposedly exact same couch at Art Van.

to carole New York, New York, United States #1291491

Hi Carole! PLEASE tell who has a top quality furniture store?

Im in the market for reclining LEATHER sofa and love seats and all the stores out there seem to share the same reviews. It make on think that all the stores are getting there furniture from the same place. Please help!!!

I can only afford to a replace every few years because it doesnt last. Thanks in advance.

Vienna, Virginia, United States #762973

I say class action lawsuit! BOYCOTT!

Call news stations, put them on blast!

Everyone watches TV, the work will spread! Seriously!

Miami, Florida, United States #675655

This a a "DEFECT" by the manufacturer.

It is not covered under any warranty they sell.

I purchased a 6 sofa suite and the same thing has started happening to me.

Total fraud.

VCF/Ashley feel free to contact me as I intent to take you to court with affidavits from tanners and leather repair companies accompanied by forum printouts like this and Ripoff Report print outs with the same issue.

Stamford, Connecticut, United States #641024

These people amaze me. They damage their furniture, either intentionally or by accident, and expect the retailer to repair it when no warranty was purchased.

Do they think that everything in their home should be fixed as well if it breaks? Furniture, like most things are covered by a manufacturing warranty. This coverage takes care of issues such as defects and not damages caused by the owner. The photos look horrible but why would they wait until it got that bad before contacting the retailer?

He mentions that they offered to sell him a warranty but refused and is suprised that they will not repair it. Then he states that they would not have fixed it even if it was covered. Thats a pretty illogical assumption. Its the equivilant of saying that you replaced a tire on your car but forgot to attach the bolts and then complaining that the wheel would have fallen off either way.

Remind me to complain to Best Buy when I scratch my DVDs.

Customers like this are the reason why people hate working in retail. Everyone is special and entitled now.

to Please Livonia, Michigan, United States #644913

Actually, I contacted the dealer as soon as it started, and was told there was nothing they could do (which had nothing to do with the warrenty). I explained that I bought their furniture solution to clean the couch so no other chemicals were used on it.

I was told that the warrenty only covers the actual hardware (nuts, bolts, springs etc.) and that is why I ASSUMED (as you say) they would not fix it anyway seeing as though my problem at the time was with the fabric. The structural damage came later. I guess you missed the part about me owning other furniture from this company. That is how I knew about the warrenty and what it covers in the first place before I even purchased this couch.

I am not a consumer who just wants something for free, nor do I expect the manufacturer to be responsible for customers' error, but this wasn't my error. This was faulty craftsmanship and material. If I had bought a suede couch (which commonly discolors and thins out) and this happened I wouldn't even be on this site, but this is leather. By the way, I was told by another company I had to come out about possibly reupholstering the couch, that there is no reason why the leather couch should be peeling in such new condition (It would cost me about the same price to reupholster the couch versus buying a new one).

As a consumer, I expect that when I purchase merchandise, that I am getting exactly what I am paying for (this wasn't a $600 couch). I was told by a sales person that the couch was quality leather. I even asked how long the couch had been on the market and if it was a popular seller, because I know that most times if it isn't it will be discontinued, and if something were to go wrong, there would be no replacement parts. I take care of my belongings and I follow the motto, "You get what you pay for." That is why I went and found a couch that I thought was of high value and I paid accordingly.

In addition, I have over 10 years of retail experience.

I was the operations manager at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 6 years. Please don't lecture me about working in retail because I am well aware, but again, this is not one of those cases.

to Please #1157263

This is a manufacturing defect. Therefore there should be a recall.

However, since this crappy furniture is made overseas, the consumers in the U.S. have limited or no recourse.

I too bought what I was told was a real leather couch & love seat. At that time I had never even heard of "bonded leather"!

I have the same "peeling" problem with both pieces.

I don't feel "entitled" to anything but honest and fair treatment of the consumers.

Is that too much to ask?

Columbus, Ohio, United States #637798

We are so sorry to hear about your sofa! Let's see what we can do to help.

Can you please contact us and provide some more information? Our corporate customer service team can be reached at 1-888-751-8552.

You can also send an email containing your contact info to vcf.facebookfans@vcf.com. We're here to help!

to Value City Furniture Monroe, Louisiana, United States #908186

The material used on this furniture is a joke! Quality upholstery material is as lot thicker than the thin vinyl used on this cheap furniture!

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