So, I spent weeks trying to find a mattress. I went to ten different retailers, laid and sat on about 50 mattresses.

I layed on these mattresses for a min. of 5 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. I ended up buying from VCF. Now, I understood the policy of not being able to return or exchange my mattress, but I have to say that my mattress felt different than the store model.

I think Value City's policy of not being able to exchange the mattress for another is *** because Mattress Giant, Sears, Sleepy's, and other retailers allow you to. I would advise you to not buy a mattress from them, unless you have your mind set on a mattress they carry or until they change their policy.

*P.S. I am aware that many of the states have a policy for used bedding (mattresses) and that they must be destroyed when they are slept on.

I still think that if a customer is not happy, at least try to make things better.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased this bed 7 days ago!!!


VCF needs to stop selling mattresses for the company they get them from. The must be rejects from other places that couldn't sell them. I spent over 900.00 for mine 2 months ago and can't afford to buy another one so soon.


I dont think they should take back a mattress that was slept on, thats disgusting! you say you understand the policy but if the customer is not happy they should honor that but what if the customer doesnt like the second or third mattress?

the company loses money! who is paying for all these mattresses that they obviously cant sell again?

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