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I received a sectional and called to speak to a store manager to make them aware that the merchandise was damaged. Both peices had ripps in the fabric.

The person that I spoke with claimed that he (Dell) was the store manager. I found out later that he lied and was not a store manager. Dell was the least bit concerned about me being an unsatisfied customer and told me to "just bring it back" as if it was the size of a penny. He was very unprofessional and very rude.

I requested that he give me the corporate office number and he gave me the wrong number twice. The following morning I called and spoke to Renae and explained to her my situation. She then told me that Dell was not a manager and that she was the manager on duty but did not have time to speak with me but she heard everything that Dell had told me. It was obvious where the conversation was going.

I am not surprised that the staff is rude to customers when management tells them to lie to customers and stands there to witness them being rude to those that have helped them keep a job. She then told me that she knows that I want a free delivery and that she is not giving it to me. I was very upset. I did not request free delivery and NEVER had any intention on asking.

I could not believe that she would blatantly say that to a customer. I have no idea where the word "Value" fits in Value City Furniture.

They do not "Value" there customers nor their furniture. The merchandise is damaged and the staff is cold hearted!

Review about: Value City Furniture Manager.

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ya i am going thrw this now.... got a set that lasted 8 months, 2nd set lasted 8 months, my 60 yr old mother and her 30 lb dog only ones that use it, 2 yrs and 3 service calls/ with 3 no shows, and now i want better set the wanna give me 2/3 pieces of the set b/c its $500 more than the first set, i called corp, they said go F your self.....


f that i am so pissed right now, VALUE..... ya right jus the 3 NO SHOWS should be worth it alone.....


There funiture sucks second couch that I got cause the first one was horrible this one is worse I'm asking no demanding for my money back and going else whete


I worked at value city furniture and it's not right how they lie to customers, their management sucks and when they get used furniture they sell it for new. That's just the small things that go on in that god forsaken place. If you're name isn't "Smith" or related then you get no recognition.

VCF/ASF customer service

I am writing from the corporate headquarters of Value City Furniture. We never want to hear that a customer has not had a good experience with one of our stores; but, if we do hear of such a case, we wish to do whatever we can to address and resolve the complaint.

I have taken the time to read your blog and would like to reach out to you for more information and a chance to provide resolution. If you would like to send me additional information, please visit

There you can click on customer service and contact us to submit additional details. I look forward to hearing from you.

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