DeadPurchased a mattress March 30th. Mattress delivered April 3rd.

Called in honest complaint about a major warp and foul order of mattress right away on April 5th and was told someone would come out and address the problem. VCF waited a full week to send an assessor and the person was fresh out of high school (said that he was a 'private contractor'!!!). The person explained that "he did notice a warp in the mattress but did not notice an odor and that he couldn't say whether or not the customer smelled anything. He said that he will report the warp, though." During the initial complaint, VCF failed to comply in a timely manner.

When visiting the store on April 23rd to speak of a refund, staff and management elevated to a rudeness no one should endure. OMG it was so bad. VCF exhausted the 'time' from the initial phone call/complaint of April 5th and are saying to the customer that she waited too long and is not due any refund.

And they all dashed away from her. It was soooo bad to witness something like that.

User's recommendation: Check purchases thoroughly when delivered. Value City Furniture delivered a soiled mattress and are very very aware of this and this is why they did nothing from the initial call which allowed for so much time to elapse.

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