I had some mattress service awhile back and they pass inspection so I was told to re select I go in store I was unpleased with credit they argue I was wrong I received the mattress and later that week I found old receipt proving I was right so talk to manager Eric at flint store on Miller road He went into computer and discovered I was right he ask me did I want it credit in a check I told him I rather pick out another mattress cause unhappy with the ones just delivered he said no problem I told him I probably just upgrade for even better but I ask him can I wait till I have a full set inspected he said no problem so got inspections call store they said come in they got report now I come in to upgrade full set to a queen and pick out a little more expensive queen to replace the queen they cheated me on they tell me I have to come back for some odd reason then I waited a 5 days came back they let me select which I did and added a bed then got to customer service desk they said they had a problem they dont know how to ring it up come back see Yolanda come back again 2 days later then she argue about 100 dollars Eric found out I was right on I stood there 2 hours almost then she must talk to him and found it was right then on top of all that they said they rang sale up wrong taking some in cash and over 600 on debit card now waiting 5 days not credited back on card and telling me I cant get the reselect on queen after Eric manager said I could while I wait on full info to come back also they didnt even give me a receipt on cash I gave them I need help ASAP I love Value City and I have been treated unfairly Eric was very nice and helpful not Yolanda I am junk I was really 3 trips today March 29 she tells me Queen mattress report never came in then I call inspectors they said they sent in March 11 she lied then why would they let me come in all those times then switch up the queen I got cheated on and was told I could change them cause of comfort issue they still in plastic please contact me ASAP thank you Tracy

User's recommendation: Flint store has pure service.They seem to very confused they argued about my credit they owed me which discovered I was right also took my cash and debit card and rang sell up wrong then told me to come back wait till money go back on debit card now tell me My inspection report didn’t come in man they didn’t even give me a receipt I been through ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mattress Firm Claim.

Value City Furniture Pros: At this time no pros.

Value City Furniture Cons: Dishonest and untrustworthy, Pure service and dishonest.

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