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I went to Value City Furniture September11, 2020...... Covid -19 has me working from and I decided to re-do my living space .

I purchased a new Dining table and a sectional for my living room. I had the whole place painted, carpet re-done.... Floors etc. All of this was to be done in preparation for an anniversary dinner on my mom date of death.

I trusted value city to help me fulfill a promise.

The sale person was Artie Rios, I paid cash in full. the items were t be delivered in two separate days. The first date of delivery was to be 10/23/2020, the delivery was canceled and pushed back to 11/27/2020. okay no problem the cancellation doesn't interfere with the timeline (12/3/20).

I paid cash 9-11-2020 and the delivery was cancelled. On Friday 11-20-2020 I called the store and spoke with the exact same young lady that canceled my first delivery, to verify if I would in fact be getting my entire delivery on 11/27/2020, I was placed on hold and she returned and confirmed every thing was scheduled to come day after thanksgiving. I understand covid and the restrictions its placing on businesses and consumers, However Value City has an obligation to do business in good faith keeping the public's trust with their company intact. That has not happened, on Tuesday 11-24-2020 I get a phone call telling me my order has been pushed back again to January 13, 2021.

The lady was so RUDE, offer to cancel my order on the phone minus a 15% restocking fee! what restocking fee? the furniture has never been stocked ? shipped t be AT ALL.....

OMG..... How is that possible that the receipt (my contract) is void of Value City Furniture fulfilling any part of their initial agreement with me. I went to the store on the evening of 11/24/20 and asked to speak with a manager. I waited over 49 minutes for him to come and discuss the problem with me only to be meet with his terrible demeanor and he would not look in my eyes, nor acknowledge if there were any nots in the computer as to whose calling me, notes about my order Nothing.

Once again Im threatened with I" will cancel your order" is what Tony Kis said to me. I don't want to cancel, I have nothing in my home to sit on at my home.

how is it possible that a customer orders 9/11/2020 then you will mot get your order until 1/13/2021. I'm possible

User's recommendation: Shop else where, they have terrible customer Service.

Location: Hammond, Indiana

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