I bought a whole lot of furniture (beds, dinning table, TV centers, side tables etc) for my house - almost $10,000 worth of furniture. In short- buy furniture from value city- sign up for a counselor, buy tons of Tylenol, get a whole lot of leave days approved by your boss and have tons of phone minutes to call. Then you may be all set to deal with them.

Here is my experience:

It took them weeks to deliver contrary to their claims of speedy delivery- never believe what they say

The light in the work desk did not work so the delivery people left the big desk sitting in middle of the room so that repair person can work. Repair person came a week after with no tools. He kept asking me where the switch was in the desk. He had no clue what he was looking for. He reported that the light needs to be replaced without even looking at what was wrong. Now I am left with a big desk sitting in middle of the room and can not even use the room. And it has been weeks now.

I followed up with the store. I had to call five times to get some one's attention. Each time they will say that they will call me back with further information but they never did. I took the whole day off for the service person to come and repair. It was frustrating that he came and did nothing. If he could test the stuff with his finger then may be he did. He did not even have a single tool.

I followed up with the store a number of time. they told me that the whole hutch needs to be replaced. What a waste. They are making decision to change the whole hutch without even someone looking at it. It may be just a bad light bulb. Then they have no idea when they can do it. I am wasting my day offs on their inefficient customer services. Each time I call them, they make me go through the whole long story and all they respond is - I will call you back.

I wish I had a recorded message that I can play it over for them and save myself frustration of going over the same thing over and over again. It is making me pull my hair.

Frustrated customer and still waiting for response from Value City,

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