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So, I'm not a customer of this store, exactly. but I'm still posting here. You should know that the management of value city furniture runs their business selfishly (why do you think they push services down your throats? they don't want a malfunctioning chair collecting dust in the warehouse) and if you're wondering why your furniture arrives in disrepair, you can blame the contracted delivery guys, who technically don't even work for Value City Furniture.

If a customer has an issue with the placement of furniture after the delivery guys leave, they're out of luck. We wont come back to fix it.

And if your furniture ends up on back order, don't shoot the messenger (who may not even know exactly what happened because management didn't tell them), ask to speak to a manager if you have an issue. We call these over-allocations, and they're on the daily morning office checklist to do. There isn't much that even the manager even is going to do about it, other than maybe *** your delivery charge if you push the issue.

The salesmen are paid complete commission. So if they're a little pushy, or if they fib a little bit go get you to buy something, that's why. They have a draw of $11.50 per hour full time, but they need to sell enough commission to avoid paying back part of that draw to management (though, I hear management doesn't actually chase after $500 or $800 after someone has been fired).

I was fired for asking too many questions and not knowing things well enough. I wonder if that was the real reason. Or, if the real reason is that business is slow and they didn't need to schedule me anymore, but they couldn't actually say that.

Take this for what it's worth and be the judge for yourself.

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value city furniture and customer service don't belong in the same sentence. the owners are greedy trolls with no respect for its employees or customers.

it is my supreme hope that Rooms 2 Go runs their *** out of the market permanently just like Best Buy did Circuit City.

Just so everyone knows, their delivery teams are contracted workers with no interest in satisfying customers!!!

and their furniture is made in vietnam? there's your value.


I have been working at Value city for 3 years now and I can confirm what kicken said the management is very selfish they treat sales people like slaves we pay are selves so they don’t care about having 10 sales people for 5 customers and we are forced to sell warrantees on items that no one would buy a warranty for like for example a 39 dollar ottoman to add the EPP a 3 year prorated warranty would cost 49$ and fab on it is 39 and if I don’t sell these things on said ottoman it counts against my warranty percentages if I drop below a certain amount I get written up 2 write ups and your fired my store has lost 3 employees in 3 month due to this one of them was are top selling sales person he just put in a lot of overtime and it killed his warranty percentages on top of it all the advertising they do is usually the same items they rotate they sometimes we won’t get it the store till the last 3 days of the sale or when we do get it its out of stock for months a thing they do all the time is they will have a 299 mattress and next to it they will say free delivery free set up and free bed frame with a very tinny cross next to it which means on the back of the add it will say in very tiny writing only on mattress over 599 or more try explaining that to disappointed people 5- 10 times a week. I like my job for the most part but the management really take advantage of the sales jimim sound like most mangers sales are down blame the sales people it can’t be us we are not doing anything wrong


Sorry *you're bitter. Not your.


disgruntled much? Sounds like the typical case of $hitty employee that gets fired because they $uck in general.

News Flash!!! Most furniture store employee's work on 100% commission against a draw.

BTW the "out" list doesn't exist anymore and VC is about 99% better with out of stock inventory in comparison to major furniture retailers. Sorry your bitter!

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