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We went into the Columbus area VCF and purchased a couch and a loveseat. Within one month, the arms were shedding, piling ..

a mess. We were talked into the extended warranty and fabric protection .. we called customer service and they sent someone out a week later to check the couches. He took pictures, looked at me, looked at my husband and said "well, the fabric protection doesn't cover this" ..

really? it's the fabric, shredding and shedding .. why wouldn't it cover this??? The manager called us a few days later, and told us that they would pick up the furniture, BUT we have to come in and pick out something to replace it.

My husband and I just came home from walking thru the store for an hour .. and cannot find ANYTHING that we are willing to take a chance on. We'd just like our money back at this point. Buyers beware -- do not purchase the fabric protection or ext.

warranty, it won't make any difference. This furniture is ***, and will fall apart anyway.

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I purchased a sectoinal sofa from Value City a few years back, along with a 6 piece dining set. When I first receive the sofa, I had to have the chaise portion replaced because the structure of the sofa was leaning.

VCF immediately replaced the sofa with no problems. However, 4 years within my warranty contract, I experience a tear in the leather. SEVERAL from my kids ripping it with there toy. I was told, not covered it's a surface damage.

Well tell me when you have an entire piece of thin layered leather torn from the couch is that not classified as a tear.I guess my coach is suppose to be Dark brown with light brown tears. How do you distinguish a surface tear from leather tear. If the leather is on the top surface, it's still considered a tear. I feel there has been a breach in contract and that VCF warranty folks do not own up to their end of the agreement.

The good thing is that there's consumer affairs and BB bureaus who love to hear stories of this nature. I've already notified the warranty company that I'm giving them a call because the outcome of this matter is BOGUS.


to derant #694662

Update on claim :) So I emailed VCF customer service to report the incident that took place with my warranty. I got a response within 24hrs.

They gathered a few details about the purchase location and within 3 days I received a call from VCF directly. The manager was very polite and apologized numerous times for the inconvenience. We discussed the damage and it was determined, I had a reasonable claim. To make a long story short, she processed the claim and I was able to utilize the replacement coverage.

Considering how quick VCF management team resolved the matter so quickly, I will continue doing business with them.


:zzz Thankfully the Manager agreed to take the couches BACK. At first he told me that he wouldn't be able to refund my shipping and warranty and furniture protection charges.

Totaling several hundred dollars. He asked me HOW I felt, and would that be okay? I said "No, that doesn't work for me, and I would dispute paying for fabric protection and warranty on furniture I no longer have" .. he ended up just charging me the shipping.

The couches from *** are gone, and I now have two new chairs and a couch coming from MACY'S. You get what you pay for, if you want quality furniture that will last, as it IS an investment, then go to a quality furniture store. VCF is good for college kids and broke newlyweds, who want their apartment or starter home to look nice for a few months. NOT for a 46 year old.

The VCF had cost me $1700 .. the Macy's furniture has cost me $3800 .. and is taking 90 days to deliver. Worth the $$, and worth the wait.

If you DO buy from VCF do not buy their fabric protection and warranty.

It is not worth it. Google it, tons of complaints.


I am sorry you are going through this and we definitely want to help! Please email me at

I will forward your information to our Customer Service team, so someone can begin working with you immediately.


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