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A year ago we bought a sleeper sofa/love seat set from Value City Furniture. They offered us an extended warranty for something like $100 (I don't have the exact number in front of me right now) that would cover the sofa for a 3 year period against any damages including pet stains, etc. This seemed like a reasonable price for this kind of warranty so we purchased it.

Recently we went back to VCF to purchase a futon/convertible couch. They mentioned a different type of warranty that was only fabric protection for around $60. We ended up buying this one as well since we have a dog. We also mentioned how our sofa that we had bought the warranty for had recently broken. The salesman told us we could talk to customer service right then and they could send out a technician to take a look at the problem. As we were talking to the customer service person, she informed us that since we picked up the sofas instead of having them delivered, we would need to actually bring them back to the store in order for a technician to look at them.

Are you kidding me?? What on earth does whether or not we had the sofas delivered have to do with a technician comes to our house to honor the warranty that we PURCHASED! The customer service rep informed us that it was just how it worked. I find it interesting that in two purchases where we bought TWO extra warranties and picked up BOTH pieces of furniture, not a single person mentioned to us that they would only send out a technician if we had it delivered.

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I feel your pain as I have just gone through the same thing with VCF's . The technician came by and looked at the damage.

There was a very obvious and very noticeable rip in the cushion but he looked over it. He only saw the cracks and chips in the cushions.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #691065

I believe everything you say I'm on the phone with insurance and they are just rude

They hung up on me twice .... I bought my living room so call leather it's been 1 year and now it's creaking peeling off from the seats they told me the insurance don't cover the seating part .only the armrest part or back of the couches I was like really ? It's a joke right she said no again was rude I lost it and hung up on them

to Ceci Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1312976

I just got off the phone with Michelle, after trying to file a claim for my "leather" sectional sofa unit that I've had for less than 2 years and it's starting to peel. After she reviewed my warranty she informed me that the warranty covers rips, punctures, burns, scratches etc.

but not peeling (which means the quality is jeopardized right? ) The piece that came off is thin like a trash bag and the back of it is just as shiny, that's not leather. I told her "So you won't cover peels but if I burn a hole in it then you'll repair it right?" She said no you can't do that, I said well regardless of if it's ripped, punctured or burnt it can be fixed in that case so why not peeling?

She then began being rude and said she'd note my account that I said I'd burn the couch and I told her I'd be filing a complaint against their company. What a waste of my $3000 plus the $100 warranty!


I purchased a sofa and loveseat combo at Value City and paid for a 7 year warranty. After 1 1/2 years we were sitting on this top of the line leather sofa and when we used our had to push back to a more comfortable position the leather ripped.

We called the warranty people and had someone come out. They tried to fix it but after a week the fix curled up and we called the warranty people again. After two months we finally heard back and someone came out only to say it could not be fixed. So after much agravation and arguing over the phone we get a call from our Value City stating we have a credit for the sofa only, even though we bought it as a set.

We went into Value City only to learn they really don't have a sofa that will match our leather loveseat. The manager in the store at the time talked with our service person and agreed to take back the entire set and we ordered a sofa and two recliners that cost less than the original set. I received a receipt showing that they will take back the both pieces and deliver the new set. Today (the next day) I receive a call telling me I need to pay my balance before I can receive delivery.

I am looking at my receipt and tell the person I have no balance. She puts the Manager on and he says he is not going to honor this transaction even though we have a receipt showing the store has already honored it and that we owe them about $700.00. When I got upset he told me it wasn't his problem I had to talk to the warranty company. Is a receipt no longer a binding agreement???????

Does anyone know if we have a "leg to stand on" when it comes to this agreement?????? The manager was rude and spoke to me in a disrespectful manner.


I have worked for Value City Furniture in Cincinnati, Ohio for 7 years. If you purchase the extended, three year warranty you NEED NOT RETURN IT YOURSELF.


It sounds to me me like you had an untrained clerk on the phone. It is true that if you picked it up, and did not purchase EPP, (extended warranty) that you have to return it, just like Walmart, Macy's, Lowes etc.

Consumers need to have the warranty, clear and in writing always. ASK QUESTIONS!

Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain #26148

Let me get this straight,

you didnt pay for delivery

but you want a truck to come to your house and pick up the *** your mutt ruined?

Wow that makes perfect sense I can see why you're so mad. :roll

Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, United States #17671

I agree with Amy, I also had a sales person tell me about the no freebies if I decided to save the $$ the delievery would cost and pick it up myself. Since I live alone, I decided to have them del and I also got both the warrenties. Good idea if you want to keep the furniture looking good, but then again, some of us don't really care-huh?

Center City, Minnesota, United States #14249

I will say that I had a great salesman at VCF and he did tell me about this situation. I decided to take my chances though and am picking up the furniture myself.

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