On January 25, 2008 I purchased a 3 piece micro fiber sectional from Value City Furniture located on RT 37 West in Toms River, NJ. I paid $1,991.90 for the sectional which included a charge of $159.95 for a 5 year Protection Plan. My "Crest" 5 year " No worry" Service Agreement included a chart which clearly covered human and pet bodily fluids on fabric. In addition, under stain coverage, the Service Agreement covered human and pet saliva, urine, stomach fluids and blood. According to the service procedure, "If the technician cannot remove the stain or repair the item, Crest will replace the affected item with the identical piece. If the affected item cannot be replaced, the customer may select a new replacement item. Repair or replacement is limited to the affected item only. The Service Agreement will continue on the replaced items for the balance of the time remaining on the agreement. Unfortunately in December 2009 my female cat urinated on the Left Facing Reclining Chair where the piece joins with the next section. I called Value City Furniture immediately and on December 17, 2009 Gary was sent to my home to clean the LF Reclining chair. After the chair dried, we found that the chemical Gary used did not remove the cat urine odor. I called Value City and informed them, and on January 6, 2010 Chris was sent to my home to clean the Left Facing Reclining Chair, and again the chemical Chris used did not remove the cat urine odor. On February 15, 2010 I received a letter from Value City stating that they were unable to repair the Left Facing Recliner Chair in my home, and would have to pick it up to repair in their professional shop. Value City scheduled to pick up the LF Recliner on March 4, 2010. In the meantime, my cat smelling the urine and two strong chemicals on the Left Facing Reclining Chair urinated on the wedge next to it. I called Value City immediately, and Gary was sent to my home on March 2, 2010 to clean the wedge. When Gary realized the LF Recliner was being picked up on March 4, 2010 he was going to notify the shop to pick up the wedge as well on the March 4, 2010, so no cleaning was attempted. On March 4, 2010 the LF Recliner was picked up but the wedge was not added to the order (mixup) so it was not picked up. I received another letter dated March 5, 2010 from Value City stating that they were unable to repair the wedge in my home, and would have to pick up the wedge to repair in their professional shop. The wedge was scheduled for pickup on March 18, 2010. If Value City had removed the Left Facing Reclining Chair when my cat first soiled it in December 2009, the wedge would never have been soiled by the cat. I spoke to several people at Value City about this, however Value City had a procedure to follow so the soiled pieces remained in my home until pickups were scheduled.

On April 9, 2010 I received a phone call from Value City indicating that my LF Reclining Chair and Wedge had been repaired and were ready for delivery.

I spoke to Lisa, the Assistant Manager at Value City who assured me that she personally examined my LF Reclining Chair and Wedge and that they no longer smelled of cat urine. She indicated that her shop technicians worked very hard and replaced cushions, batting, chord, wood and whatever was necessary to bring the two pieces up to manufacturer standards. Lisa informed me that the Service Agreement did not cover odors. I replied by saying that if Value City covers urine and vomit which certainly have distinct odors how do you separate the odors from the liquid? You can't because they are a part of the liquid. By sending technicians three (3) times to my home to try to remove the cat urine odor from my sectional pieces, Value City Furniture was acknowledging that odors were covered under my Service Agreement. I asked Lisa to check my two pieces one more time, and to use her "Sniffer" to be sure the cat odors were gone before delivering the pieces to me. Lisa was going to call me back to confirm delivery of my LF Recliner and Wedge for April 10, 2010. We hung up and Lisa never called me back. On April 10th I received an automated call from Value City and they hung up. I called Value City and spoke to a secretary who confirmed delivery for April 10th between 12-3pm. Needless to say when the LF Reclining Chair and Wedge were delivered and the plastic removed, the cat urine odor was still there. My daughter and one of the delivery men smelled the two sectional pieces and also smelled the cat urine odor. I refused delivery of the two pieces and made a notation on the delivery form. I immediately called Value City and notified the office that I refused delivery

On April 20, 2010 at 2:10pm I received a call from Lisa, the Assistant Manager at Value City Furniture who wanted to confirm that I refused delivery of my LF Reclining Chair and Wedge on April 10, 2010. I told Lisa that I spoke to her on April 9, 2010 and asked her not to deliver the sectional pieces if they still had a cat urine odor. I refused delivery because the two pieces of the sectional still had a cat urine odor, and therefore had not been repaired to my satisfaction. I requested that the LF Reclining Chair and Wedge be replaced with brand new pieces in accordance with the Service Agreement I purchased. Value City Furniture had demonstrated without a doubt that they could not remove the cat urine odor from my two sectional pieces, while they were in my home or in their professional shop. Lisa admitted that she had never encountered a situation like this with cat urine. I don't know if Lisa or any of her technicians have ever smelled cat urine before. If the odor is not totally removed, the cat will continue to urinate over and over, like in a liter box. Not even a hint of the odor could remain on the sectional pieces. Lisa said that she and her technicians felt that they have done all they could, and have brought the pieces up to manufacturer standards, and that the pieces no longer smelled of cat urine. (I thought these pieces already met manufacturer standards when purchased?) I said maybe you tried to take the odor out but it didn't work, so I will not take delivery of the two sectional pieces. During my conversation with Lisa I finally asked her about customer satisfaction. What about me? Doesn't your company care? Lisa didn't respond. After approximately 30-40 minutes of Lisa telling me what a great job her people did on my two sectional pieces, I said that all I wanted Value City Furniture to do was honor the Crest 5 year "no worry" Service Agreement. Since the cat urine odor is still on my Left Facing Reclining Chair and Wedge then the problem has not been resolved and I want two brand new pieces.

Lisa put the phone on hold for a few minutes then came back and said I had 2 choices, either accept delivery of the LF Reclining Chair and Wedge or pay 50% of the replacement cost of the two pieces. I told her I would not pay anything because my 5 year "no worry" Service Agreement covered replacement if the item could not be fixed. I asked Lisa to send me a letter stating that Value City Furniture will not cover the two sectional pieces for cat urine under the Service Agreement. Lisa put the phone on hold again, came back and said I can't do that. I told her that if her company was right there would be no reason why she couldn't send me the letter I requested. Lisa said she could send me a letter with her service notes. I said okay send me what you have and I'll proceed with this matter when I receive your letter. Although Lisa still continued to explain about all the work that was done I could see that nothing was going to be resolved by phone. So I finally said to Lisa that our conversation was going nowhere, so please send me a letter regarding my two sectional pieces. I said goodbye and hung up.

Well on April 24, 2010 I received a one paragraph letter from Lisa, (last name I will not mention) Crest Furniture Customer Service. The letter dated April 22, 2010 was from Value City Furniture located at Executive Offices, 30 Tower Road, Dayton, NJ 08810, and was unsigned. Lisa stated in her letter that a few technicians agreed that my Left Facing Reclining Chair and Wedge are up to manufacturer standards and have no odor, as was my complaint, and should be accepted by me. She went on to say that if I choose not to set up a date for their return in one month then Value City will be forced to dispose of or donate my sectional. Value City Furniture has two pieces of my sectional and I have one RF Reclining Chair at home in excellent condition. Except for the cat urine odor on the two sectional pieces in the possession of Value City Furniture, all three pieces are in excellent condition. So now if I don't call Value City by 22 May 2010 to set up a delivery, Value City may trash my two sectional pieces. Never during any of my phone conversations with Lisa did she indicate that Value City Furniture was going to give me a 30 day ultimatum. It's just not fair

I have never been treated so unfairly by any Customer Service Department. It is my opinion that Value City Furniture does not care about customer satisfaction and should not offer certain terms in their Service Agreements if they have no intention of honoring them. Due to illness I have been unable to proceed with this matter any sooner.

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Stamford, Connecticut, United States #641103

This person amazes me. Her cat urinated on the sofa and she demands that the retailer live up to their contract and remove the urine smell.

After reviewing the contract I see there is clause that states odors are not covered. She was given repairs for the smell as a courtesy and still wasnt happy. Fast forward and now this person is getting all of their money back after having the set for over 2 years. This company lost a lot of money trying to fix a problem that was not covered by her warranty and then just gave her a refund.

They eventually got what they wanted because of their persistent bullying. Its sad that people resort to these tactics to get what they want instead of following the rules like most decent folk. Renting a sectional for $159.95 for 2 years was a great deal. Better than RAC.

Customers like this are the reason why people hate working in retail.

Everyone is special and entitled now.


To expect a furniture company to clean up after your badly behaved cat RIDICULOUS. Cat urine odor is virtually impossible to remove, by anyone, and if you should be mad at anyone, it should be at your cat and yourself for not training him/her properly.


The Value City Furniture store you are referring to in New Jersey is not

affiliated with our company. The only store we have in New Jersey is under the

name American Signature Furniture in Moorestown, New Jersey. The contact

information for the Value City Furniture, NJ Headquarters is:

Ph: 732-257.2500


Thank you for your inquiry.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #144233

Value City Furniture did come through after all. I just received a call from Lisa, the Assistant Manager at Value City (5-17-10).

Value City is giving me the full purchase price back $1,771.35 for the 3 piece sectional,this is minus the Service Agreement Price of $159.95 since a claim was filed against it.

Lisa is sending me a letter to confirm this, and I then have to call Value City to pick up the RF Reclining Chair I have at my home that goes with the two pieces Value City already has of my sectional. After the pickup I should receive a check for $1,771.35 in 7-10 days from Value City Furniture.

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