This whole company is a scam and it should be illegal to even conduct this business!!! They are robbing people blind!!!

I purchased furniture (well technically leased furniture thinking I was buying it) for under $2000. I was making my payment of $200 of month on time or earlier and I recently found out they were just collecting the money and not putting anything but $25 towards my payment. One time I even made a $800 payment. I could have just bought the furniture brand new if I knew about this scam.

It's been a year and a half later and out of my $2000 only $400 has been put towards it!!! Meaning they have collected $1600 for a "leasing fee." I'm furious!!! Especially because the furniture is already worn because it's so cheap!!! They lie right to your face and tell you they "don't know what the leasing fee is" when they obviously know and don't tell you on purpose because nobody in their right mind would accept that!!!

I could have bought a car instead of paying for cheap furniture that I won't even own..... Oh and to top it off... They wrote the wrong prices on my contract at first... It took me a month to realize but it got fixed.

They were trying to charge me more. I'm returning the furniture asap, they aren't getting another dime!!! I can BUY new furniture for the same amount I have left to pay off!!

Plus I will stand outside the store with signs warning people because that's how pissed I am!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Santa Ana, California, United States #1239158

I'm in Portsmouth va. And we are paying $4200 for leased furniture that we didn't know was leased .the furniture list price is $1700 what a rip off


I'm going thur this right now...I refuse to give them my furniture without getting any money back...I'll fight all the way

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