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Whenever purchasing a sectional from Value City in 2009, a deciding factor was the warranty. The sales people will always tell you their furniture is the same quality as the more pricey name brands. But, an entire sectional with ottoman for under $1,000...... We were leery. But, the warranty was offered to ease our minds. That if the cushions did not stand up to normal wear and tear, they would be replaced. You simply call the warranty company, they send someone out to *** the damage, then they will send someone to repair the damage. Sounds easy enough.

The reality of the situation is dramatically different. I started calling about my flattened cushions in September of 2011. The couch was 2yrs old and looked like a 20 year old sofa you'd see at a yard sale. They sent someone to look at the couches within a few weeks. And I didn't ever hear back from anyone. I would call every few weeks to check and see if there was any news. I would always be asked to leave a message and someone would get back with me. Even when I had a manager on the phone they would say they would check on it and call me back. NO ONE EVER CALLED ME BACK! I started demanding a call back that same day. Nothing.....

Finally in January of 2012 I am told they don't make whatever they need to fix my sofa so, she will have to "check" on what else they can do. Again, I call and call and call. Never receiving a call back as I am always promised. Finally, in March I am told they will give me a $600 store credit since they cannot fix my sofa. Well, we already purchased another set for our living room. And, WHY would I but another crappy sofa from them??? So, I go in the store to spend my credit on other things I could use for the house. As I am being rung out for a $229 nightstand, that somehow the ticket was for $399. (I didn't even get to the point of arguing that.) The cashier cannot find the credit and calls the manager on the store phone. She is IN the store! He then asks me if this is how I am spending my $300 credit. Um, $300???? I was told I had $600. He then asks her to come help up and help me. Her response.... he hands me the phone!! I am on the store phone, in the front of the store talking to the manager who is also somewhere in the store. Really?? She tells me the $600 credit is only if I give back the sectional. Then they will give me a $600 credit to replace my $995 sectional. I ask her how I am supposed to REPLACE my sectional with $600?! Her answer was that they had sectionals on the sales floor for $600. WHY would I want a crappier sofa than the one I originally had? So it will be worn out in less time?! Not only does she think this is fair, she proceeds to tell me how generous she is being considering I have been using the couch for two years. And their "warranty" is prorated. So, as time goes by you get less and less coverage.

I asked to speak with someone over her. Someone who has the authority to fix this mess. She tells me to call back the next day and talk to the store manager. The store manager?! I have asked for the manager EVERY time I called and I was always transferred to her. Now I'm told I've never actually spoken with the store manager!

This morning I called at 10:30 (what time I was told to call) and asked to speak with the manager by name. I was put on hold for 10min just to leave another message. Still no call back.

The customer service at Value City in St Peters MO is down right insulting! The assistant manager Paula talking to me on the phone while she was IN the store! Unbelievable!

Product or Service Mentioned: Value City Furniture Sofa.

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Aurora, Illinois, United States #1271983

Thank you. This review helped a lot. Will never go with value city in my life


They are mis selling the warranty. Told us it's covered for everything scratch cut etc.

we have a rip on of the sofas.

Now they say sorry don't cover seating area.


Value city sucks and their warranty is a joke. I would not buy the warranty again.

Miami, Florida, United States #599023

Same to me. Never will buy anything from them and never one of this *** warranties again. It's money wasted.


This story is EXACTLY what is happening to me. So much to the point that it seems like it is a company policy.


Value city furniture protection plans are a joke.. Save your money..

They don't warranty anything. My couch broke after 6 months. The extra charge warranty was a joke. The salesman said it covers non repairable furniture.

I should have received a new couch. But got zipped.


I too bought a couch back in 2009....last night my son accidentally pour milk on the seat. I try to wipe it off right away but it's soak to into the cushion.

I called them and they say it only protect the fabric. I bought the protection plan to prevent spills. It should not soak in the cushion I feel like the protection plan is a fasle protection plan just to make or leer peopke into buying their great plans for a cheap price.

Whats sad is the couch Ia mirofabric!!!! I am mad...I want to sue this company soo bad for lying n trying to sell lies!

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