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July 2008

Last week my husband and I purchased a desk, hutch and desk return set from Value City Furniture Store. Unfortunately, we did not read reviews of this company or we may not have gotten into this mess. We were very happy to find the kind of desk we were looking for that was actually a quality piece, made from solid wood and contemporary, yet classic in style. We had searched many furniture stores and knew we would have to pay a bit more for what we were looking for. We found similar pieces at very high-end stores, but could not quite swing those costs and they weren’t exactly what we were looking for. My husband works in Harrisburg and went in to purchase this desk set. Of course, no one was “available” to help him so he sought out a young, not-so-professional sales associate. This young man put the sale through and at first told my husband that they do deliver to our location. Then found out that we are not in their delivery area. They deliver to a town 4 miles from our home, but not our address. So my husband asked to speak to the manager to see if he could work something out. The manager was rude and refused to budge saying, “I have to draw the line somewhere.” Even after my husband offered to pay a fuel surcharge for the extra 4 miles, he was still turned down. We still decided to purchase the desk set and just rent a Uhaul (as we do not own a van or truck) to pick up the furniture ourselves. When my husband went to pick it up, he saw that the furniture was still boxed but looked like it had been opened (Earlier he had been told that the furniture would be inspected to make sure there was no damage). He asked and they said it was fine and packed so well, so there shouldn’t be any trouble. He brought it home and we labored to bring it into our house. As we unpacked it we saw that the hutch and return were both damaged. The wood had been crushed and split in the corner of the hutch and the same on the return. My husband made multiple phone calls asking again to have VCF come to our home and replace the furniture. Instead he was offered a $50 discount. He even called their corporate headquarters to have the same result.

I realized that VCF doesn’t deliver to our area and I’m fine with that policy. I can’t change that. We were able to get the furniture to our home on our own. My frustration with the company is their poor management and customer service. Even though we picked up our furniture, we should have received the same service of inspection and undamaged goods as that of those who can receive delivery because they live in that area. And the rebate of $50 is truly just a slap in the face in light of the fact that we spent about $1400 and were refused any other help.

In the future I will warn people of the poor service they will receive from Value City Furniture and will tell them to never purchase items from this company. Now that I’ve seen reviews from this location as well as others around the country, I realize that this is not a place of quality or service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Value City Furniture Furniture Set.

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I bought a library table about a year ago. 3 months ago I relaized one of the drawers had a hole in it.

I went to Value City and told them and they ordered me a new drawer.

They were very helpful. Maybe it is the store you go to.


Yeah I agree, Circuit City doesn't inspect pick up TV's either, but on delivery they set it all up.


You cannot trust them as I was conned by their sales consultant on queen mattress and delivered twin mattress instead!!! Never Buy from them

Caballo, New Mexico, United States #26912

If you're going to pick up furniture yourself it's your responsibility, not the store management or warehouse personnel's, to make sure to inspect the furniture for damage before loading it up and driving away. Maybe you damaged this item yourself while transporting it?

How is the store to know.

Take responsibility for your own (in)actions and be happy you were offered a discount... the store didn't have to do that.

Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, United States #25875

I am truly surprised that after spending that amount of cash, you didn't inspect the items yourself! To rely on someone else to inspect it and tell you everything is ok is just asking for problems regardless of where you buy it!

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