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I bought a nice mattress from Value City and the mattress has failed and is terrible to sleep on and called to have them look. A guy came out took photos and I was told they would call in two days, well that never happened and after many calls there I finally was told since the mattress has a stain on it the warranty is VOID!!

They told me had I purchased the Stain Master it would have been fine. First they never tell you that unless you but it you jeopardize the warranty and I have had other issues with them in the past.

I wasted a lot of money on a mattress that I was sure had a good warranty that now is worthless and I will just go buy another mattress for a different store as well as any other furniture I will every buy. Tell your friends and family to do the same.

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Don't feel alone disappointed consumer. Same happened to me before except I wasn't giving up without a fight and my furniture was fixed, but never again will I do business with value city furniture.

Your right their warranty is ***! :(

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