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Value city *** we got new furniture from them and it was to big for my house tryed for 2 weeks to return it and the more or less said tough luck its yours now we got your money now dont bother us any more.We got our furniture at the streemwood store. And all we heard was how important the coustmer is and thats a lie value city just wants to *** out of your money and sell you junk at big promises are made and none are kept ons bunch of *** is all it is just *** and ***

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #923754

I spent almost $2000 on a couch, love seat and ottoman from VCF a few years ago. I have always had leather furniture because of the durability.

I was assured by the salesperson it was 100% leather, not bonded. I also purchased the leather care kit and 7 yr extended warranty that I was told "covers anything and everything". After 2 years the couch started peeling showing fabric underneath.

REAL LEATHER DOESNT PEEL ! After contacting the warranty co.

I was told that they don't cover peeling.

Burns, cuts etc are covered but not peeling. The previous leather set I bought from Rhodes in the 90s that I gave a friend still looks perfect, but then it was REAL LEATHER!


yeah the *** with value city furniture i bought a bedroom suite from them and they dont want to change my delivery time because they said the truck was already packed, thats some bull@@@@ and when i asked could they delivery it on another day they said I would have to wait 2 more business days :(


If those of you who are being a-holes actually read what the OP wrote, it was that he TRIED to return the furniture for two weeks. Not two weeks later, he tried to return it.

VCF's policy is that you have ONE WEEK to return any item purchased from them so they should've taken it back.

Still, this story is NOTHING compared to mine. Three months waiting for a night stand. Almost every single piece of furniture exchanged or repaired because supposedly the delivery guys don't know how to take the protective plastic coating off of it. Staples left in that cut our feet, holes in the backs of dressers and under chairs, rips, tears, and cuts in chairs and seats, cushions smushed, wrinkled, parts forgotten, end tables that scratch from a remote being put on it...and so on.

I've had to wait months for some of the furniture to be replaced or repaired. STILL waiting for my night stand and it's been THREE months.

Every week I hear it's going to be delayed another week. WHATEVER!


tryed = tried


To 'retailer 4life'

I really laughed when I read your comment. We more than likely share a common sense of humor.

However, I do think the complaint was the furniture was delivered, realized it wouldn't fit, delivery guys would not take it back, and the complainer, as they used it for two weeks, tried to convince vcf to take it back. I agree, measure twice, cut once.


Did you go into Valu City and buy SOMEONE ELSE'S 2-week old furniture? Didn't think so.....

Also, did you not KNOW what would fit in your house before you bought?

And thirdly, it's STREAMWOOD, not Streemwood, Il. Tell ya what, just go down the street to Wal-Mart and buy their crappy stuff, put it together yourself stuff and call it a day.

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