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I purchased a dinning room table in 2005 from Value City Furniture Sucks and also purchased the warranty.At the time of the purchase I had a new born baby and the salesman said the warranty would be perfect for her in the house.

Within a year he was right she put a few nicks in the table and we called Value City Furniture Sucks and had the table "repaired". First you call and they make an appointment 2 weeks out, then someone comes to your house and looks at the table. After a week you have to call them, some customer service, and schedule the furniture to be picked up, another 2 weeks. Then they take it and it's gone for 2-4 weeks before you again have to continuously call and get them to fix it.

We finally made it through this process and within 3-4 months the repairs started to chip, not user error, however workmanship issues. So I had to go throught the whole process again, taking over a month to do the whole process again. This time the table came back in two colors. Mind you the original table was one color (white), this time it was yellow and white.

I guess they didn't believe me when I wanted it returned and repaired and they went through only a 3 week process this time. Finally it was done and I was ready to go when only again their repairs did not warrant any applause as it started to crack like an egg again. So here we go again. I'm in my fourth week of the process again right now.

I was told this time that I could choose to have it fixed again or replaced, however they don't make this table any more so I would have to get either a new one or one that was damaged and they would fix it. There are multiple problems to these "solutions" 1) They acknowledge that they can't fix it, but they will do it again 2) I can exchange my damaged furniture for another damaged piece of furniture or 3) I can get a new table but have to purchase new chairs to match the table, oh yeah and a new hutch and buffet.

So as you can see Value City Furniture does suck in that they do *** repairs, have poor customer service, and the warranty isn't worth the paper it is written on. They tried to make me happy by giving me a $50 gift certificate, but they weren't too happy when I wiped my *** with it and left it in their store.

The sad part about this whole story is that the same year I originally called for the repair I recommended to a friend who had their house burn down, that they go there for their furniture and they did and purchased furniture for every room in their entire house from Value City Furniture Sucks.So this is the thanks I get for the referreal of an extremely large purchase.

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Let me get this straight...You mention that the warranty was purchased to take care of any damages that might be casued by your newborn.

However it was damaged multiple times, through no fault of your own, and you want them to replace an entire dining room set because you no longer want to adhere to a binding written agreement? This makes no sense what so ever. If the manufacturer no longer makes this set how is it the fault of the retailer? If my table was spontaneously breaking on its own I would think there was a more serious problem at work.

Maybe ghosts, like in Poltergeist. They then offered you a replacement for the affected item and a gift card. Sounds like they are trying to rectify the situation to me. It's suprising that VCF did not offer any other additional help after you made such a mature argument at their store.




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I love my new Chocolate reclining sofa and loveseat: I'm complying with the directions of the warranty, I need to inform you of a stain on the left armrest and flattened cushion near seam on the left side/seat of the sofa. I noticed it on 9/23/10 and did use the fabric care kit accompaning the furniture on 9/23 &24th however when I examined ith area on 9/25/10 the area is still there please send someone to clean/repair this section befor it's permanent

SO FAR MY REPLY IS: This is an automatically generated Delivery MESSAGE CANNOT BE DELIVERED TO :cry :?


hi i bought ashley furniture couch & sofa from VCF in nov 2009... it looks great but both cloth is bobbling and its irritates to sit on them... wat should i have to do regarding this issue...


We spent $6959.00 on furniture at Value City in North Olmsted Ohio back in June of 09' Having had the center leaf opened briefly since we bought a table set (Pub Gathering 5 Piece Dinette Set), we noticed the varnish was flaking and coming off of the table.We have sent the table back to the store we bought it from twice (and have been without a table fro over three weeks), only to have it returned to us in worse shape.

The areas where they tried to fix it are now much darker than the overall finish, about the size of two footballs, and a different texture of varnish. It looks terrible.

We have spent the last dime at Value City Furniture.And, I want the table replaced, it has been absolutely ruined!

VCF/ASF customer service

We are writing from the corporate headquarters of Value City Furniture.We never want to hear that a customer has not had a good experience with one of our stores; but, if we do hear of such a case, we wish to do whatever we can to address and resolve the complaint.

We have taken the time to read your blog and would like to reach out to you for more information and a chance to provide resolution.

We would be grateful for the opportunity to speak to you.If you would like to contact us, please call 1-800-743-4577.

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