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My husband I purchased a fo leather sofa and loveseat on 5/9/2012. I was told by salesperson "Debbie" that in order to have a warranty on the furniture, then we'd have to purchase it separately (making our purchase over $200 more).

She also stated that if something happened and they couldn't repair the furniture and if they didn't have another set in stock then they'd refund out money. After we purchased the furniture that's when we discovered that everything she had told us was false. The warranty we purchased was a fabric protection warranty (as the furniture itself came with an automatica 1yr warranty) and we'd never get a refund, we'd get store credit if something happened. This set is in our formal living room and rarely used.

By November I was already calling the store about the furniture. The frame on the couch was loose/shaky, the cushions were going flat, there was a small tear in the fabric and white marks started showing through that couldn't be cleaned off. In November someone at the store told me that they'd call me back. I never received a phone call.

So, the first week of December I called them back. They sent a guy out on Dec 19th. He took the bottom fabric off the couch to try and tighten up the frame - didn't work, still loose. He made notes of the cushions going flat and then kept making remarks about my eyesight being too good to see all of the marks.

I told him that after paying over $200 extra for this set, then I want to make sure I'm getting the quality that I paid for and I shouldn't have a rip or all of these marks in them after only 6-7 months. He told me someone would call me back by that friday or by the following Wed at the latest. No one ever called me back and today (1/2/2013) I called the store. The lady answered the phone and I gave her my name and told her my situation.

She said, "Oh yeah I see here." (???????) I finally had to ask her what she saw because she just sat there quiet for a good 45seconds - 1minute. She said, "Yeah we waitin on your core and stuff for your cushions." I asked her to explain further on the "core" and what all they will actually be doing. She said, "the core for your cushions. We waitin on that." I then asked about the frame since it's still loose.

Then she says, "Oh we gonna have to bring it in for that." So, I asked about the rip and white marks. She responds, "You gots to call the other warranty for that. We don't do nothin about that." I finally asked if she could give me a time frame of what we're looking at. She ended up telling me.

"It gonna take 4 weeks." At that point I calmly voiced my frustration. I told her that I was given false information from the start that I didn't appreciate, but assumed I was getting good quality so chose not to make a big deal out of it. I never thought that after 6 months of having the furniture that I'd be calling in about it already breaking down. Then I feel like I'm already getting the run around.

I've been dealing with this since Nov and still nothing's been done and I keep being told I'll get called back, but no one ever calls. Now I'm being told I have to wait 4 more weeks to have my cushions restuffed and what if they go flat again?...... I waited for a response and then told her I was asking her what happened if they went flat again? She said, "you call us and we restuff 'em again." I continued by saying that I didn't want to have to call them back every 6 months to restuff my cushions.

Also, I'm going to be without my couch and loveseat for who knows how long when they FINALLY decide to come and pick it up to fix it... Then after all that I have to deal with another warranty company to deal with the rip and all the white marks. I said, "Can you understand my frustration with this if you were to put yourself in my shoes?" She remained quiet.... I sat that for a good 30 seconds and then finally asked if she was still there?

She said, "yeah". That's it....just "yeah". Then I asked her if she had really listened to what I was saying. She responded by saying, "yeah I be hearin ya." At this point I was ready to scream at the lack of concern and DEFINITELY the lack of professionalism.

I was not rude to her the first time. I was professional and spoke to her clearly and with respect, but did NOT get the same. She never yelled - but her lack of concern, limited communication and inability to speak professionally offended me greatly. I asked for the corporate office # at that point.

She apparently gave me a customer service #, although I did leave my information (and I'm still waiting on a return phone call from them.) I also called the other warranty company, left my information and was supposed to have been called back within 20minutes, but still have not heard anything from them either. - I'm very disappointed in Value City. Not only the quality of their product, but the quality of their service as well. I'm out almost $800 on furniture that I'm embarrassed to even be seen in my formal living room.

With this type of product and this type of service, I'll never purchase from VCF again.... I feel extremely cheated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Value City Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $753.

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Lake Worth, Florida, United States #594907

After reading all these horrible experiences that not only you but other consumers as well have had with this company, you would think that someone who has gone thru all this hassel someone would think to call the media and expose their Customer ethics/ policies or lack of. I do not live in VA but it really bothers me to hear or read about people working so hard for their money being taken advantage of by merchants who if it wasn't for us the consumer would be out of business tomorrow

Columbus, Ohio, United States #588770

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing warranty issues. Can you please send an email to, so that we can contact you to discuss the problem?

Please include your name, phone number and the location of the store where you made your purchase. Thank you!

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