Bought a wall recliner. Pull handle was junk.

Broke in just over a year. At first, didn't even want to help with the furniture I bought from them. Finally, a female manager said she would get the part from overseas but it would take 6-8 weeks.

Now the part is finally here.

Keep scheduling when I am not available, and will not change time to when I've asked EVER! I will try one more time. After that, Keep your parts and your furniture.

There's competition in town now, And it's NOT Banner Mattress. I will go there.

Review about: Value City Furniture Manager.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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yeah... this one cracked... she prolly lives in the ghetto and wants someone out in the evening.lol


No one accommodates times like this! If you want it fixed then you'd be there when the service person is scheduled.

The calls are scheduled in the order that makes the most sense for the service person...

he/she isn't going to drive from one side of the city/county/state to another just because you want a specific time. If the service person had to operate the way you want then there would be fewer service calls scheduled in a day and then you'd be b!tching about that.

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