I can not believe this company paid someone for this "people about to vomit because they bought a new piece of furniture" commercial. If I am fast enough I can shut it off.

Is this the best you have? I will tell you I would never buy anything from you. Terrible commercial must have been cheap, probably like your furniture. Have some character and spend more for a commercial.

I could do better.

Since you demand at least 100 word minimum for a complaint, let me try some synonyms for terrible. Bad horrible unthinkable disgusting not of any value and should be taken off the air.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of furniture. Value City Furniture needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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There is no accounting for taste, bad or otherwise. I find their commercials in exceedingly bad taste, which reflects on their merchandise.

There is nothing funny or entertaining about the commercials and I bet there is nothing funny about their bottom line as a result of them. Worse commercials - ever.



Alexandria, Virginia, United States #972138

I don't like their other commercial either. The one where the couple is trying to pronounce Chase.

I mute the commercial when it comes on. It annoys the *** out of me. Value furniture should fire their ad people and get new ones.

Cause they can't come up with something creative without either being sickening or annoying.

The commercials certainly don't make me want to buy their furniture.

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #963029

This came on during breakfast one day. Not suitable any time of day and not funny.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #958076

Sounds like hate to me. Can we have some humor and laughter sometime.

No one got hurt, there was nothing offensive said and two actors got paid.

I love all the Value City comercials they make laugh. I would love to do a commercial!.

Chillicothe, Ohio, United States #957610

I am in the market for new furniture...one thing I can guarantee after being abused by tasteless commercials ie:chaise...pleasure to business sides..and vomiting coffee table....I would never ever consider buying anything from value city...ever


Value City has the worst commercials on TV. They are just horrible. Get

some that are not sickening

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #954968

Their commercials are ATROCIOUS! The one with the lady repeating chaise lounge is enough to make me barf.

To add insult to injury she says is what seems like one hundred times.


The one with the guy rolling back and forth on the bed saying "party" "business" or whatever the *** he says is also ridiculous.

It's like they don't feel their customers have any intelligence. Why would they think those horrible commercials would bring them new customers?

Dyer, Indiana, United States #954598

Never buy or recommend furniture from a company that would sponsor the gagging commercial

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States #954573

Worst commercial ever! I change channels when I see it......

Kent, Ohio, United States #954501

The commercial is obnoxious I'd never shop there because of it

Valley Park, Missouri, United States #954442

They must not like potential customers ....i gag right along with them.

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #954438

Commercials for this company just make me GAG! Disgusting.

I turn the channel everytime one comes on. Can't they afford to do better?

During lunch do I really want to hear someone gag and almost throw up......I think not. I just despise them!

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #954307

Every day the news tell of murders, rapes and war, Value City took a moment to add a little levity to our saddened world. Stop taking yourself so seriously and laugh a bit.

to Mammaartlady Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #954522

why don't you shut the *** up and stop trying to control other people? I hate controlling people, and so many are women.

You're the kind of person who thinks she's always right and can't just accept that you only have OPINIONS, and other people also have the right to their OPINIONS. You're as bad as this crappy commercial.

to Mammaartlady #1056643

It's only levity if you enjoy it. If you don't it's torture. Different strokes....


All their commercials are horrible, especially chaise, chaise, chaise. So annoying. I turn them off too & would not purchase from them just based on these TV ads.

Lemont, Illinois, United States #953690

Sick. Sickning.

I thought Value City Furniture had nice furniture when i visited. I almost purchased,but weather not permitting. Your commercial is nausiating to say the least. It clinches my gut to where it almost makes ME want to vomit.

Why would VCF make such a commercial as this, to make viewers or potential buyers,want to throw up? If,and I mean if, I go back to check out your store, .I will definitely contact your Corporate. Who does this type of low class. advertizing?

Commercisls are suppose to. appear appealing and wonderful, so that one. would want to stop by and visit

Value City Furmiture.

For the love if God, get some class.

Almost a customer, cricket

Chicago, Illinois, United States #935308

I absolutely agree. That gag commercial is in very poor taste and turns me right off.

I have complained to several stores about it and hope never to see it again. I totally agree that your ad agency need to be fired!

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