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I ordered my furniture 12/6/20 .. I was informed that due to covid it was on back order which was fine.

We received our furniture 1/28/21. I didnt find out until the delivery drivers arrived and informed us that had he not checked, he would have delivered my couch set and my swivel chair (which was the wrong color) . He stated that it was tagged blue but when he checked it, it was gray. (My furniture set is supposed to be blue) He informed me that someone should have called me but they didnt.

I have set up family photos with my new living room set and I have also thrown away my other furniture ! I called value city to inform that I am very upset, my living room is incomplete and Im missing a swivel chair! The manager offered me $106 back towards my order and stated that the swivel chairs new delivery date is now 4/7/2021???? I WAS FUMING!

What an insult !! Had I known I would have SOME of my furniture January and the rest in April, I WOULD HAVE NEVER THROWN MY CURRENT LIVING ROOM SET away and I would have told the delivery drivers to take this set back BECAUSE IT IS UNACCEPTABLE! I plan on writing corporate about this. I waited patiently from 12/6/20 to 1/28/21 ..

just to be told.. oh sorry we were sent the wrong color chair but youll get that one in APRIL 2021 3 MONTHS FROM NOW! This is unacceptable and that $106 that was offered to me was also an insult. My saleswoman Tricia from Virginia Beach, VA store 99 - 38**** sold us our first living room set from you all and we loved her so much we came back four years later for this set.

I think she would be very disappointed and embarrassed that her loyal customers are very displeased with their order and that we only received partial the order that was guaranteed to us by 1/28/21 ! I will be contacting the BBB and I will also be posting this review other places as well until I feel I am compensated appropriately.

Location: Germantown, Maryland

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